The old railway line and Bandolero route

This excursion begins with a drive to Algeciras, the most significant trading port in the region. From there we take the train to Ronda. This track was built in 1896 by the engineer John Morrison and his investor Sir Alexander Henderson, later known as Lord Farrington.

The route to Ronda is just 96 km long. The train ride leads at first through a cork tree forest. Then we pass some agricultural areas such as oranges, lemons and cotton fields, etc. The train then passes through a beautiful Andalusian countryside. This area is also known as the valley of the river `Genal´.

Each individual platform up to Ronda was also built by the British and reminds us of a typical railway station of the countryside of the United Kingdom. These railway stations lay in contrast to the decorative southern Spanish plants and trees.

Once we arrive in Ronda, which is considered the most romantic city in Andalusia, you will enjoy a guided tour. The most important aspects of Ronda are the oldest bullfighting arena of Spain, known as `La Real Maestranza´ (1784), `El Tajo´ (98 metre high gorge) the `Mondragon´ Palace and the Archway of Charles V.

On the 50 km coach trip back to the Costa del Sol we will drive through the nature reserve of the `Serranía de Ronda´ and the `Sierra de las Nieves´.

Meeting point: Comercial Centre Miramar of Fuengirola 8:30, Plaza de la Alameda in Marbella 9:00 and Estepona bus station 9:30 (we can also pick you directly up from your hotel or resort)

Timespan: 10 hours