Wine Museum and `Reserva Tauro´

On the 50 km journey to Ronda we will drive through the nature reserve of the `Serranía of Ronda´ and the `Sierra de las Nieves´.

Once we arrive in Ronda, which is considered the most romantic city in Andalusia, you will enjoy a guided city tour. The most important aspects of Ronda are the oldest bullfighting arena of Spain, `La Real Maestranza´(1784), the `El Tajo´ is a 98 metre high gorge and the `Mondragon´ Palace and the Archway of Charles V.

Afterwards we will visit the Wine Interpretation Museum, also known as `La Sangre de Ronda´. Here we will learn how they once produced wine in the region and how wine production has developed in the `Serranía de Ronda´. We will be able to do some wine tasting and try the typical `tapas´ of the region.

Finally, we take drive to the outskirts of Ronda to a bull breeding farm called `Reserva Tauro´, located in a beautiful natural setting, where you will be delighted to the techniques of bull and Andalusian horse breeding.

Meeting point: Comercial Centre Miramar of Fuengirola 8:30, Plaza de la Alameda in Marbella 9:00 and Estepona bus station 9:30 (we can also pick you directly up from your hotel or resort)

Timespan: 10 hours